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Department of Accounting Information


Established in 1965, our department was formerly named Accounting and Statistics Department and recruited students to study at the 3-year and 5-year programs. The educational purpose was aimed at fostering professional talents in the area of accounting and statistics for the society. To strengthen the teaching of the teachers, elevate the professional knowledge and competence of the students, and coordinate with the school plan of upgrading from a junior college to a college or university at that time, the Accounting and Statistics Department cancelled 5-year program starting from 1987 and chose to recruit students only for the 3-year program. In 1994, our school was upgraded into a college, and our Accounting and Statistics Department was renamed the Accounting Department. Later in 1999, our school progressed from a college to a university named Aletheia University, with our department remaining the same name Accounting Department.

The integration of computer and accounting enhances the management functions of the accounting information and greatly increases the efficiency of services related to computer and accounting. Students need to possess both knowledge in accounting and computer to effectively design and perform the accounting information systems. Therefore, in 2006, the Accounting Department was renamed the Accounting Information Department, with the aim to foster talents that possess both accounting knowledge and information technology skills.

From 1965 to 1994, our department has been evaluated by the Ministry of Education several times; each time, we were ranked as class of “excellent”. Most noteworthy, in 2007, our department was evaluated by The First Cycle of Higher Education Evaluation. Successfully, we received approval from the Accreditation Council of Higher Education Evaluation, passed the evaluation, and were awarded an approval certificate (certificate number: 096033100; validation period: 2008–2013). This was an extraordinary honor for our department. Most recent test came in 2013. This time we were evaluated by The Second Cycle of Higher Education Evaluation, Once again, it is a proof of our educational qualities to learn that the department passed the evaluation and received affirmation of the MOE (validation period: 2014–2019).

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