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Department of Accounting Information

Educational Purposes

We aim at passing on the educational philosophy of our school: To foster students to have a humble, humane, and humorous personality and to train students to pursue new knowledge, have a strong personality, and care for the society. The educational purposes of our department are to foster active, positive, optimistic, and professional talents, and to ensure all students to receive curriculums that emphasize both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We are committed to train and foster advanced accounting information talents. 



Basic Competencies 

●Social practice literacy

●Humanistic literacy

●Communication literacy

●Multicultural literacy

●Information literacy

●Physical literacy 



Educational Goals

We aim at training students to have excellent skills in using information tools, to possess professional knowledge in accounting, to accurately make judgments on affairs related to accounting information, and to assist clients to make correct decisions on policies related to accounting information. 



Core Competencies

●Integrate professional accounting and information skills

●Competencies in data analysis and mathematical operations

●Competencies in discovering and solving problems

Cognition of accounting ethics

Competencies to adapt to diverse environments

Possess international perspectives 

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