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Department of Accounting Information

Teaching Features

  1. Because of the future needs for accounting information talents for the society and industry, the Accounting Information Department aims at training students to possess professional knowledge in accounting and fostering students to have a second professional skill in information management and application.
  2. We aim at training and guiding students to be equipped with the following knowledge and skills: accounting theory and practice, accounting information system, information management, finance, management, and commercial law.
  3. We foster students to have the ability to work in teams, such as mutual assistance, mutual collaboration, group discussion, and group learning. Simultaneously, we train students to possess the abilities to review literature and collect data and articles, and to analyze, discuss, and compile topics on accounting and accounting information and solve relevant problems. These solid foundational trainings will benefit students in pursuit of their careers and further studies.
  4. We aim at fostering accounting information talents that are equipped with skills in using accounting information tools, are familiar with analysis methods and have management competence. These skills will enhance the competiveness of the students in the job market.
  5. Through various general courses offered by our department and the school, we foster students to understand the importance of humanity, care for the society, and exhibit a positive attitude toward life.
  6. Through internships outside of the school during winter and summer vacations, we ensure that students have the opportunities to apply their leanings and develop experiences for working in the job markets.
  7. We have established International Business Accounting Program to train students to have international perspectives and enhance the foreign language skills of the students.
  8. We have developed professional accounting courses that correspond to the government-established policy for the enterprises in Taiwan.
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